Vaping and Young People

Children and Young People use vape (e-cigarettes) for various reasons.  

According to the survey managed by the Schools Health Education Unit in Sunderland, secondary pupils have this to say about the reasons they vape. 


  • 23.8% ‘like the flavours’ 
  • 20% ‘enjoy vaping’ 
  • 19.4% just want to ‘give them a try’ 


Do you fall into any of the above categories? 

If no, that’s great but you can continue reading to have the right information about vapes. 

If so, let’s look at the information on vapes in more detail. 

What is a vape?

A vape which is also known as e-cigarette is an electronic device used to stop smoking tobacco. This means that it is used to help people who smoke, to quit. So, in a very short summary, IF YOU DON’T SMOKE, YOU DON’T NEED TO VAPE. An easy comparison would be that people who experience headaches use pain relief medication, these are not taken just because people ‘want to give them a try’. Vapes should be treated in a similar way, only to be used by people who smoke, to help them quit. 

What you need to know about vaping

What vaping can cost you

Possible effects of vaping